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Softness Word

Let’s get Ethical

Typing this headline I couldn’t avoid the words spoken by Olivia Newton John in my mind (Let’s get Physical) and funny how those little changes in lines actually reflect the main difference between the 20th century and the new millennium.

The last century was all about physical, exterior, profit making, BIG, consumerism but something has happened, let say a change in collective consciousness. A new era of a meaningful approach to life has come with a tendency of slowing down in fashion, food, and all aspects of life. With this change we have all been invited to take a more ethical and more human approach in our lives.

In Bleyzer we took this course from the first moment as our only way of existence and development.

What does being Ethical actually mean to us?

Making our products with complete honesty and pure love for design and producing pieces with high quality standards that will last long. Not encouraged by mass consumerism with high speed pace production of new collections. Allowing our clients to take time to enjoy their clothes. To make a bound and to honor relation.

We use virgin organic and high quality materials. We imagine our brave and powerful women that wear our pieces in their everyday life with a need to feel confident and comfortable in their clothes. Need to have an ally, need to have clothes that feel like a hug and give them that sweet boost.

We cherish each and every relation whether it’s inside or outside of Bleyzer. We treat our team members with respect. Everyone is a teacher and a student here. We all can learn from each other as everyone has their own story, expertise and talent. For us this is the only way to develop and to make progress.

We share and we give and we give and we share?! From a know-how and guidance to new creative entrepreneurs to latest techniques that we share with more experienced colleagues. We do not believe in competition. When creativity is really embraced you are not competing with anyone. You only follow your passion and creative flow.
We use and encourage transparent and sustainable model of work as the only way to real abundance and joy in life.

With respect to every step of the way and every person, being Ethical then comes natural, it is just BE!
So let’s be!


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